Pacific Coast Dog Rescue: Helping Furry Friends in Need Since 1998

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue is a rescue mission for dogs that has saved over 2,000 pets since their founding in 1998. Centered in Burbank, the Rescue is always at capacity because of the large number of dogs that are found to be abandoned outside their homes or in other areas. The mission is, unfortunately, not the first place dog owners who are incapable or uninterested in taking care of their dogs will call. Often, dogs will be left as part of a move, or tied outside and simply left to die. Loving, previously homed pets been found on the side of roads because they became a burden to their owners for some reason or another.

Because of the large number of dogs that are abandoned for various reasons, Pacific Coast Dog Rescue is at the forefront of both rehoming efforts, adoption efforts and educational campaigns. Pacific Coast Dog Rescue is known for innovative support initiatives such as their “10,000 Paws” campaign. In the end, though, PCDR needs your support to keep going. If you are interested in adopting a dog or donating time or money to their work, email or call. It’ll be very appreciated!

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