Pet Pride is a no-kill, non-profit, cat rescue shelter based in Fairbanks, Alaska. They focus our efforts on the spay/neuter of cats and kittens. Last year they helped with over 400 spays & neuters. Reducing unwanted kitty pregnancies keeps cat populations in check, reduces disease, and improves the quality of life of pet cats and the community in general.

Pet Pride also seeks permanent loving homes for all of our kitties. They place about 200 adult cats each year.

Pet Pride is run completely by volunteers and donations. They are always looking for people willing to foster cats, kittens, and/or pregnant cats. They also need people to help pick up kitties from various locations (e.g., when we get a call from someone that they have a stray that needs to be rescued), or to help them take cats to/from foster homes and veterinarians. Volunteers help them clean the shelter every day, and they can always use bodies to love on the kitties — they get lonely!

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