Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society

Pioneer for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a non-profit animal welfare group dedicated to promoting respect for all living things, and reducing the increasing animal population.

Some of the group’s programs include:

– A low-cost spay/neuter program which enables many families to have their pets altered who would otherwise be unable to do so for financial reasons. This service is also provided for stray animals.

– A free spay/neuter program. This aims to help alleviate the problem of animal overpopulation in communities.

– Seniors for Seniors and PAWS pet food distribution program.

– Humane Education Program to help children to understand the importance of taking responsibility for their pets, including spaying/neutering.

-An adoption program for senior pets. These senior animals usually go directly to a shelter where they have little chance of ever being adopted let alone not being euthanized immediately. They are discriminated against due to their age.  Not many people want an “old” animal.  What people do not see is the fact that this “old” animal has so much to offer.

Those who wish to help the group can do so by sending cash donations. Interested parties can visit to contribute.

The group can be reached through phone at (631) 306-4616 as well as through email at For more information, please visit their website at

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