Primarily Primates

Primarily Primates Incorporated is a non-profit sanctuary in Bexar County, Texas that operates to house, protect, and rehabilitate various non-native animals. The private refuge currently houses 450 nonhuman animals, 40 chimpanzees and birds and, as the name implies, focuses primarily on caring for apes and monkeys.

It provides lifetime care and housing for native and non-native homeless, abused and abandoned animals, mostly primates, saving them from death or continued exploitation.  They are not open to the general public and do not breed, sell, trade or use animals commercially.

People who also wish to make a difference in the lives of these animal friends can do so by donating food and treats like paint brushes, toys, fruits, and bushels of corn. Interested parties can donate these items by visiting

In addition, people can also help put by donating in cash. Donors have the option of making a one time donation, having a monthly plan, or making a bequest. Interested parties also have the option to support a monkey, a chimpanzee, or lemurs, parrots, and more. Do donate, please visit

They group can be found at 26099 Dull Knife Trail, San Antonio, Texas 78255. They can also be reached through phone at (830)-755-4616 as well as through fax at (830)755-4618.

For more information about the group, please visit their website at

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