Put Your Skills to Good Work as a Volunteer for Paws in the City

How would you like to help out with the mission of Paws in the City by volunteering your compassion, love, expertise, time and skills? This no-kill organization’s goal is to put an end to overpopulation, neglect and abuse in Dallas, Texas. Most people don’t realize it, but many of the pet shelters, including Paws in the City are strictly operated by volunteers.

Making a Difference

Your help really can make a difference to get cats and dogs adopted to good homes, so they have a chance at life. Feeding, sheltering, treating sick animals and providing shelter to strays, lost pets and injured animals takes a huge amount of volunteers to keep the operation running.

Paws in the City Volunteers

If you’re at least 18 and have time to devote, we could sure use your help with adoption events, transporting pets, home checks, fundraising or fostering dogs and cats.

We’re also looking for folks that can offer their skills in web design, photography, writing and accounting.

If you’re good with dogs and cats, we’re looking for people to help with socialization skills at the kennels. You would be walking and exercising dogs or playing with cats to get them use to people. Volunteering is lots of fun, and we would really appreciate your help!

Read more at www.pawsinthecity.org.

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