The REAL Bark: Giving Animals a Second Chance

When dogs are lost or abandoned, they need humans who are willing to act on their behalf. That is the primary goal of The REAL Bark: to intervene on the part of discarded animals and give them a second chance at living and being loved. Innocent animals need the assistance of compassionate individuals who are willing to help.

How The REAL Bark Helps Save Discarded Animals

One of the best ways that a group such as The REAL Bark can save animals is by educating the public on animal rescue and rehabilitation. This is done by educating the public on the issue of lost and abandoned dogs. The REAL Bark also helps to match homeless dogs with prospective owners, so the animals may be relocated to loving homes.

Details on weekly adoption events can be found at the website for The REAL Bark, which is: The emergency phone number is: 213-369-6069, and the address is: 3724 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026. When a community works together to save its dogs in need, everyone in the community benefits – especially the dogs. Your financial donation can help keep the efforts going, and you are also encouraged to foster or adopt a dog in need. Visit their site at

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