Rebel Paws Rescue

Welcome to Rebel Paws Rescue! At Rebel Paws Rescue their goal is to save the lives of dogs by means of rescue and transportation. They also aim to provide proper medical care as well as spay/neuter each dog. Ultimately they wish to adopt them out to loving families and educate there new families on a number of different things. Rebel Paws Rescue was founded March 29, 2016 by Tonya, Belinda, Nancy and Tess. Four women with a passion for life of all kinds, particularly dogs in need.

Almost every neighbourhood and household has a dog, some of them are in need of something, whether the guardians do not have the means to provide for the dog or the dog has an unnoticed health concern. Their goal is to provide both knowledge and assistance. To help educate guardians to become a more informed pet parent. Encouraging and promoting community involvement to help the strays of the neighbourhood find their homes again.

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