Rescuing Animals in Need

They urge community members to make a difference in the lives of companion animals in the area through adoptions, fostering, and doing volunteer work. In doing so, dogs and cats are given a second chance at having a happy life.

Interested parties who wish to adopt a dog or a cat can do so by contacting the group via email or in person, by completing the application process, and then attending the interview/orientation with one of the group’s Adoption Coordinators.

As a non-profit group, they are open for volunteers who wish to help them in achieving their mission. Some volunteer opportunities include:

  • Play time at the group’s adoption centers
  • Cleaning and organizing at adoption centers
  • Bedding laundry detail
  • Transporting animals to and from vet visits
  • Doing administrative from a volunteer’s home
  • Coordinating fundraising event

Members of the community can also help by donating items such as food, bowls, cat litter and litter boxes, collars and leashes, towels and blankets, pet toys, cat trees, and more.

Donors can also log on to PayPal to contribute financially.

The group can be reached through mail at Rescuing Animals In Need, PO Box 2006, Chandler, AZ 85244 as well as through email at

For more information, please visit their website at

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