Richardson Humane Society

The Richardson Humane Society is a non-profit animal welfare group whose purpose  is to rescue and re-home adoptable pets, educate our community regarding the prevention of cruelty to animals, the promotion of animal population control through advocating spay/neuter programs, and the extension of humane education.

It is the policy of the society to provide humane care and treatment for animals needing protection in the area served by the society; to seek to return lost animals to their owners; to seek suitable homes for animals without owners; to promote spay/neuter in the community; to encourage a network of foster homes for adoptable animals, to aid in encouraging adequate conditions in our city shelter and to educate this community in living with their pet and being responsible pet owners, i.e.-education on health, training and behavioral care, as well as ways to recognize abuse, neglect or cruelty. In its care and disposition of animals, the society shall maintain the highest level of care and integrity in placement, care and education.

Interested parties can help the group through donating via PayPal. The funds gathered will be used to provide animals with food, veterinary care and shelter.

The group can be reached through mail at P. O. Box 852515, Richardson, TX 75085-2515 as well as through phone at 972.234.5117.

To know more about them, kindly visit their website at

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