San Antonio Great Dane Rescue

San Antonio Great Dane Rescue is a non-profit animal welfare group dedicated to the rescue, the rehabilitation and the placement of all great danes and other breeds that are in the rescue.

The group’s mission is to protect homeless, abandoned and mistreated Great Danes and other dog breeds within our volunteer care organization; to work with area animal shelters and humane societies in rescue efforts to help place adoptable animals into safe, loving, forever homes; and to educate people about spay/neuter and the need for sterilization of all pets, proper health care of a pet, nutritional requirements, socialization and training.

All the animals under their care are neutered/spayed to reduce the number of cases of euthanasia. Prior to being put up for adoption, the pets in their rescue are also checked for their temperament to ensure that they end up in the right home.

Members of the community can help the group by doing volunteer work. The following positions are available:

  • Event Setup: Saturdays 8:30am – 11am
  • Dog Walkers: Saturdays 11am – 3pm
  • Adoption Counselors: Saturdays 11am – 4pm

People can also donate items such as Kuranda beds, crates, newspapers, leashes and collars, and dog food. Moreover, monetary donations are also accepted via. These funds will be used to cover the costs of veterinary care, food, and the like.

The group can be reached through mail at San Antonio Great Dane Rescue, P O BOX 63627, PIPE CREEK, TX 78063 as well as through email at

For more information, please visit

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