San Diego Animal Advocates

San Diego Animal AdvocatesSan Diego Animal Advocates (SDAA) is an all-volunteer and non-profit organization tending to the needs of animals through educating the public on the problems of captivity, vivisection, and local area wildlife. Through their efforts, they aim to eliminate animal abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

They have developed programs that are directed towards achieving their goals. This includes The Sasha Fund (a program that offers rewards to those who help in reducing cases of animal theft and abuse), Adopt-A-Library (where they set up educational displays in school libraries about animal topics), Classroom Compassion (in which they visit schools to help educate kids on the proper care of class pets), Save the Seals (an education-centered program about seals at the beach), Living with Urban Life (in which they educate the public on the topic of coexistence), and TEACH (their effort to educate the public about animal abuse and how to alleviate it).

They depend on their hardworking volunteers to keep their plans of improving the quality of life for animals in motion. Moreover, they also rely on donations from kindhearted individuals who wish to help out in their advocacy.

For inquiries, please contact SDAA at Box 230135, Encinitas, CA 92023. They can also be reached through phone at (760) 632-8638 or through email at For more information, please visit

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