Save Animals From Euthanasia, Inc.

We take dogs from local pounds, (usually MCACC East and West).

We provide any necessary medical care, and sterilization. We are a foster home based group so the dogs are kept in foster care and taken to PetSmart on Power and Hampton in Mesa every Saturday until the dog is adopted.

We will keep the dog no matter how long it takes to get them the right home. We do NOT euthanize.

If the animal has a behavioral problem we have a behaviorist who fosters those particular dogs and works with them to correct these behaviors.

We have been rescuing dogs since 2006 when we obtained our 50lc3 status.

Janel Avilla at East can vouch for us as we have been working with her for years. In fact we took two pregnant mothers out of there 6 weeks ago and have two beautiful litters that will be ready for adoption soon.

There is a dog at West who needs serious medical help. He has a broken jaw, rotten teeth, a URI infection and whatever else we find. We want to pull him out of there as they are talking about Mar. 25th as his euthanasia day. I don’t think we are Pacc911 members, but if you could expedite the process we can get this dog out of there and to a vet immediately. He really needs our help.

Thank you for your help.

Please visit for more details.

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