Saved Me Inc. Changes Lives

The dedicated souls at Saved Me Inc. of Philadelphia work tirelessly to save each and every animal they possibly. Saved Me Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that is committed to saving homeless and abandoned pets. Unlike traditional shelters that euthanize their animals due to space constraints, this shelter is no kill. In taking care of the cats and dogs that find their way to the shelter, they provide quality medical care and food in a clean and loving environment. The pets find safety here, as well as love.

As part of their mission, they strive to make the lives of stray, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs better. As part of this effort, the loving employees spend time rehabilitating these animals, providing the love and encouragement needed for the animals to become social and adoptable. In order to support this process, those applying to adopt are screened rigorously to ensure that the animal and new pet parent are good fit.

The shelter relies on donations to keep it going. Supplies like collars, leashes, blankets and laundry soap are always in need. Each and every donation, no matter the size, is gratefully accepted and put to good use in the shelter’s efforts to re-home these animals.

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