Schuylkill Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic PA

The Schuylkill Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic for Environmental Education is a non-profit group that seeks to inspire meaningful connections between people and nature. They use our forests and fields as a living laboratory to foster appreciation, deepen understanding, and encourage stewardship of the environment.

They are open for donations from generous members of the community. Interested parties can give cash gifts via Network for Good. The group also accepts in-kind donations such as:

  • Snacks by the case for After School, School, and Summer Camp programs
  • (healthy crackers, pretzels, fruit chews, etc. are preferred)
  • Digital Blue QX5 Computer Microscope
  • N-P-K Soil Test Kits
  • fishing poles, pond nets
  • stop watches
  • Trail bags and backpacks
  • Aqua Scope Periscopes
  • LaMotte Leaf Pack Flash Card sets
  • Gift Cards (Staples®; Acme®, Genuardi’s®, Whole Foods®, Trader Joe’s® or Superfresh® Markets,  Lowe’s®; Home Depot®)
  •  Pro-bono professional services (printing, graphic design, maintenance)
  • Innova Evo® dry cat/kitten food (goes into songbird diet recipe)
  •  Purina One® dry dog food (goes into recipe for opossums, raccoons, and
  •  skunks)
  •  Canned cat and dog food
  •  Gently used, clean bath towels
  •   New or gently used, clean receiving blankets  Syringes and needles: any size 2×4’s
  •  Welding gloves

Their Center is located at 8480 Hagy’s Mill Road, Philadelphia, PA 19128. They can be reached through phone at (215) 482-7300 as well as through email at

For more information about this group, please visit their website at

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