Sunflower Canine

Sunflower Canine’s Mission

The Perfect Pet Matchmaking Program works in two ways:

1. When you are ready to add to your family, let us know. We will work with you to assess your lifestyle, needs, and desires to determine which pet will fit best into your life. We then reach out to our vast rescue networks to find “the one”. We will then handle any training, socializing and/or grooming needs to ensure you and your Perfect Pet are perfectly ready for each other.

2. We foster dogs through private fostering and with rescue organizations to provide shelter, love, care, training, socialization and home acclamation for the pups who haven’t yet found their perfect family. When you see photos on our page with #perfectpetmatchmaking, these dogs are in our program and are either available for adoption or well on their way to being ready.

We are proud of our Perfect Pet Matchmaking Program and are excited to work with you to find your Perfect Pet!

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