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Support Team Animal Rescue - STARSupport Team Animal Rescue (STAR) is a non-profit corporation that aims to address the problem of euthanasia among pets because of shelter overcrowding, and medical needs. They care for animals with special needs including those that have been injured, have been sick, or have training issues.

They work together with shelters and other rescue groups to obtain animals and then they place them into new, loving, and suitable homes that will show them how it is like to have a second chance at life. They support the adoption of animals and they do what it takes to rehabilitate their furry friends so that a new family will opt to take them in.

Being a non-profit organization, they rely on the kind hearts of donors as well as on the adoption fees to keep their operations going.

People who wish to help STAR are welcome to volunteer. They can spend time with the pets in their facility, hang posters, transport animals from one location to the next, help write grants, create graphic designs, or other similar means.

Moreover, those who can open their homes to the pets under STAR are welcome. Foster families provide a temporary home for a pet in need while the group provides all food, medicine, and other supplies needed.

STAR can be contacted through mail at PO Box 270074, San Jose, CA 95127 as well as through phone at 408-876-6221 or 800-260-1726 toll free. They can also be reached through email here:

For more information, please visit their website at

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