TLC Rescue TX

Texas Little Cuties (TLC) Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to taking in dogs and cats from the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake. They believe that no companion animal should be euthanized just because they have been abandoned, orphaned, and homeless or the shelter they are staying in no longer have enough room or funding.

The group works together with their network of foster homes that ensure that each furry friend they take in is socialized, loved, and evaluated before a suitable forever home is found for them.

All pets under their care are provided with proper vaccinations against rabies, distemper, parvo, and bordotella, are de-wormed, and are spayed/neutered.

Members of the community are always welcome to lend a helping hand. Interested parties can donate items such as dog crates, dog pens, machine-washable dog beds, machine-washable blankets, old sheets & towels, Clorox bleach, food and treats, dog clothing, pee pads, cat litter, paper towels, and hay for sanctuary animals.

People can also donate financially. These funds are used for heartworm medication, microchipping, spaying/neutering, medical examinations, and other services that the canine and feline friends under their care may need. Safe credit card donations can be made through PayPal.

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