The Women’s Humane Society

The Women’s Humane Society was established to implement fair and humane treatment of animals in the local area. Founded by Caroline Earle White on April 14, 1869, they are the first animal shelter in the United States.  Initially launched as a result of the mistreatment of horses  a strategic alliance with other members within the city of Philadelphians  was formed in an effort to make improvements to the conditions of both horses and dogs.

Under the guidance of an all female-based board of directors, Mrs. White also formed  a women’s branch of the Pennsylvania SPCA. eventually becoming  a well-known and respected force in the humane community.

A small animal shelter was opened in 1912 as the country’s first adoption program.  The organization later changed its name to the “Women’s Humane Society” in 1988 as they continued to fulfill the organization’s mission, which consisted of providing shelter for unwanted animals, promoting animal cruelty prevention and implementing humane education programs.

They also offer a wide array of affordable veterinary care for pet owners, spaying and neutering  in an effort to control the over-population of animals, as well as adoptions program that resulted in animals receiving permanent homes.

All support comes from the surrounding community.

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