Zani’s Furry Friends, ZFF Inc.: A Unique Approach to Cat and Dog Adoption in NYC

Zani’s Furry Friends is not just any other type of help that New York City’s crowded animal shelter’s needs.

Zani’s is truly an advocate for companion dogs and cats who might have been euthanized if we couldn’t help find these lovable pets a forever home.  ZFF is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs and improving their quality of life.  Working hand in hand with the Mayor’s Alliance and Animal Care & Control of New York City, this organization has been effective at alleviating overcrowding in the animal shelters and finding temporary homes for cats and dogs.   We are entirely funded by donations and rely on the assistance of volunteers to help in the care and placement of the animals. Although Zani’s is not a boarding facility we have a network of foster homes that allow the pets to have a warm loving home until permanent placement can be found.

We many not be sure of the animals’ background but most of the dogs and cats that are rescued are generally well socialized and easily fit into their foster homes.   ZFF rescue’s dogs and cats in a variety of different situations; nursing moms with litters, special needs dogs and cats, seniors, kittens and puppies.  We are happy to answer questions and continue the support process even after a dog or cat has been adopted.  We know that each animal rescued and placed in a foster home helps prevent another animal from euthanization due to overcrowding.

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